Ghosts of the Five Nations

Session 3: Black Crow Speaks

Stone Giants and Worms; Flaming Skulls and the Speech of Crows


Players in attendance: Ryven, Dan, Michael, Gerald

I start this encounter with the story of the Ghost Who Loved.

Flashback: Days earlier.

  • New player! Gerald, playing Two Wolves, is not a ghost. He is a supreme hunter whose hunting party has been attacked by stone giants, who were thought dead. His entire party is crushed by boulders and trees wielded as clubs.
  • A madman caked in dirt and wearing a cloak of raven’s feathers feeds Two Wolves a worm. The worm compels Two Wolves to walk in some direction without pause for two days.

The Message.

  • Two Wolves arrives to the ghosts just after they have killed Yellow Dog.
  • Only Red Dog knows he is possessed. Swift Hawk and Fish on the Shore ask him if he is ok and Red Dog lies; his companions agree to believe him for now.
  • Two Wolves, driven by the worm, delivers a message from Black Crow and then spits the worm out:

“I spit at what the Great “Peacemaker” has brought! We are beset at all sides by enemies. In four directions we are attacked by outsiders. By forsaking the Old Ways we have become weak, soft and unready.

I will spill blood and redden the white roots of the tree of Peace! The spirits of the lower world are mine to command. They will help us if we name their price.

Abandon your current weakness and join me. Meet me at the Strong River by Full Moon."
  • There is a bit of tension between Fish on the Shore and Two Wolves, interrupted by boulders crashing to earth. Two Wolves was also leading an escort of creatures that were thought extinct: Stone Giants.

Fury of the Children of stone.

  • this encounter goes badly! The Stone Giants are too hard for the PCs to hit, and by the time they get acquainted with the trick, which is to kill the flameskulls that are around them to break the spell, they are far too damaged to rally back.
  • We all agree that retreat is the best option. The Children of Stone will have their revenge!

The ghosts flee…



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