Ghosts of the Five Nations

Session 2: Broken Bones

A Wendigo Lives in your Heart as a Night Seed.


Players in Attendance: Ryven, Dan, Michael, Matt


  • The characters finally confront Yellow Dog; I’ve made a solo version of a Wendigo from the Demonomicon that’s pretty nasty at first.
  • The players finally get the drop on Yellow Dog and tear him apart. This is good and bad. The wendigo in spirit form is undeniably powerful for a small period of time; the players must run not to be possessed.

The Nightseed

  • A quick athletics check decides it: Red Dog falls to the ground with a scream. In a fraction of a second, while his companions check on him, he feels the wendigo growing within him as a night seed, and then he sees a black raven up above and watching him.
  • Red Dog knows who is responsible for this somehow —Black Crow, the insane shaman who has already “killed” Red Dog on the battlefield before Red Dog became a ghost. The raven caws and flies off.

The night is not yet over however…the lower world is being awoken….



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