Ghosts of the Five Nations

Session 4: Flight of Stone

Fleeing the Stone Giants; Vengeance.


Players in Attendance: Ryven, Dan, Michael, Gerald, Matt

I start this session reading them the tale of the Children of Stone.

Flight from the Stone Giants

  • the PCs are running from the Stone Giants. Resolve with a quick mini-skill challenge. Each player narrates how they use a trained skill to affect an escape. We make a list and all those skills are “burned” – They can be used but the trained bonus is temporarily lost.

Fire Dogs and Flaming Skulls

  • the ghosts make their escape but are unable to shake the flaming skulls completely. The flaming skulls attract fire dogs and surround the ghosts.
  • the ghosts dispense of the fire dogs (modified hell hounds), but the flaming skulls escape.

Weighing Options

  • the players have a few choices:
    • Black Crow has “invited” them to the Strong River in a few days.
    • Stone Giants appear to be on the rampage in the Nation of Bone.
    • they could attempt to track the flaming skulls and finish them off.
  • after a tense moment between Two Wolves and the distrustful Fish-on-the-Shore, the party decides to track the flaming skulls and then meet the dark shaman Black Crow.



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