Ghosts of the Five Nations

Session 5: "Swift Hawk's Day Dream"

An experiment in the mind of the rookie.


Players in Attendance: Ryven, Dan, Michael, Matt

Time for an Experiment…

  • Gerald couldn’t make it, so I decided to declare a special session to try out a wacky twist on 4e.
  • Basically, I wanted to see what 4e looks like if you have multiple APs and can spend them all during a fight.
  • We decided that we were going to frame the experiment as a daydream of the rook Swift Hawk from during the Wendigo fight from session two.
    • “I could have been so much more awesome…”

Some things about Action Points

  • The characters weren’t really optimized for AP use, so they didn’t make maximal effectiveness out of the increased actions.
  • the limiter on action point use is accuracy. poor or average accuracy means meh AP use. high accuracy makes AP hyper-deadly.
  • so the real trick then might be to mess around with accuracy, and see how that effects the game. I think higher accuracy can result in a faster and more interesting combat.
  • back to regular game next week…



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