Ghosts of the Five Nations

Session 1: The Smell of Red

A Cannibal's Remorse


Players in Attendance: Ryven, Dan, Michael

Spirit World Chaos

  • The ghosts are minding their own business when the spirit world goes into chaos. In this setting, using Arcana to detect magic induces a magical synaesthesia; the characters smell red and can tell that the someone is taking up the “old Way” of cannibalism.
  • Cannibalism opens a gateway to the lower world for a wendigo to appear, possessing the cannibal. It’s happening in a town nearby so the PCs have to make their way as quickly as possible.
  • Reverse Skill Challenge. PCs simply name what skill they are using to navigate the forest to the village; skills used automatically succeed and give a bonus for a later encounter.

He Eats his own Daughter Before Dying

  • The ghosts infiltrate the village and find the longhouse of Yellow Dog, an old veteran of wars in the north. He has resisted the urges of cannibalism for a long time but has given in at last. He has killed everyone in the longhouse, and is helpless to stop himself; he is eating his daughter’s brains and crying.
  • The ghosts look to silence him but it is too late. The wendigo find his soul as he flees the longhouse.
  • Skill Challenge: Drive out Yellow Dog. If the PCs kill the wendigo in the village, the demon will simply possess another soul; they must lure it out as it tries to rampage through the village , chasing it to a more remote place for a fight.
  • The ghosts drive Yellow Dogs to a clearing and the battle begins…



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